4Play – Quatro – Maui Hawaii

By on September 13, 2013.

Be part of a passionated windsurfing crew. Keith Teboul, Jason Prior, Sean Ordonez and Francisco Goya are playing with huge waves and big swell. It is about creating boards and how to include the spirit, the real soul of surfing, into them. These four men presenting surfing in a natural way with the full panoply of lifestyle.

Length: 35 Minutes 

Windsurf Action Movie from 1999 about the founders of Quatro Hawaii: Sean Ordonez, Keith Teboul, Francisco Goya, Jason Prior
Locations: Hawaii, Denmark, Mentawai, Cabo Verde

Camera: Barne Peters – Watercamera: Torsten Schulze – Edit: Barne Peters
Published by Tonix Pictures 1999 – Produced by Quatro Hawaii
Length 33 Minutes – DV 4:3 Pal